SHOW YOUR ID 01 ~ The Sentry

Siddhi Gupta Bo-Yu Chen

December 13th, 2018 4:41 min read 1289 words

Please SHOW YOUR ID as you enter the college premises.

We hold it close to our hearts and we take pride in it.
We are individuals all apart, each with a common part.

SHOW YOUR ID is an attempt to register this commonality in difference within the RCA. Coming from another continent, I find comfort in this diversity that unifies us in our efforts to find a home away from home.

These short (this one was 10 minutes by the watch) conversations about home, family, language, food, people, London are the surfaces of beautiful identities from RCA. Make new friends, empathise with the similarities and celebrate the differences with fortnightly interviews of SHOW YOUR ID.

Be prepared with your ID for a quick chat soon.

In our first post for the series meet Sam, the gatekeeper himself. We’ve all shown our IDs to him - it was about time we asked him to do the same.

Illustration by Siddhi Gupta

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