Update from the Digital Space #1

Suthata Suthmahatayangkun

December 10th, 2020 4:41 min read 1289 words

‘Update from the Digital Space’ documents our awkward and surreal moments in the Digital Space through a series of dysfunctional poems and visuals.

So think awkward silences, inappropriate interruption, TMI Zoom background, and gushing anxiety from the Zoom waiting room. We are living in an unprecedented time. These strange newborn phenomenons and experiences are just testimony of our ‘new normal’ world.

If you have any screenshots of your surreal experience and wish to submit them to be part of the project, please follow this link below to the submission form!


Your screenshot will be accompanied by a ‘dysfunctional poem’ written by us. We will make sure to edit out any names and identities present.

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