Deep Space: Is there structure to flow?

10:30 – 12:00 5th February 2021 Public Online

In the Deep Space Situated Practice we have explored the explosion, expression and construction of creative rules which guide practice. We have produced a publication which gathers these insights.

In this discussion we invite anyone to share ideas on what a creative methodology is;
form, flow and punishment.

The questions are:
How much guidance is necessary in the practice of creativity?
Are parameters imperative for creative professionalism?
Do they limit experimentation?
Are they useful in practice, reflection, or both?
How many forms can methodology take?
– Can it be physical?
– Is intuition a methodology?
Can a methodology be a failure?
Then what is a failure in practice?
What was the cost and reward upon reaching the end of the journey?
Directed by one driving thought: can there be structure to flow?

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