Doing Disability Differently

14:00 – 15:30 28th July 2020 Public Zoom

Guest: Dr Jos Boys
With: Roland Ross
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Doing DIsability Differnetly Webinar with Dr Jos Boys. Jos Boys is Senior Lecturer in Environments for Learning at UCL Bartlett:
Disability studies, disability arts and disability activism have long been critiquing assumptions about what kinds of bodyminds matter - who gets valued and who gets marginalised, in order to challenge and remake conventional access and inclusion practices. Rather than being a mere technical problem for architecture, thinking and ‘doing’ dis/ability differently turns out to be a creative generator for design. It is also a powerful critique of what is assumed ‘normal’, a vital means for troubling everyday design assumptions about space and its occupancy, and an enabling mechanism towards new collective and emergent forms of social, spatial and material equity.This talk is about how bodies come to be articulated and treated differentially in the design of built space.

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