18:00 – 19:30 28th June 2021 Public Zoom

We’re really interested in the relationship between pop culture and experimental art.

We’ve been discussing it for a year now: Thoughts vs. Feelings. Knowing naivety. Irony. Memes. Intellectual posturing.

We’ve found a lot of amazing work which has great depth but also a direct and uncomplicated attitude towards its audience, seeking genuine engagement instead of spamming art language.

These truly experimental practitioners operate mainly on the internet, outside of the conventions of institutional art spaces. For some reason, confronting this freaks everyone at art school out quite a lot, including us at times.

We want to share our findings and expand our knowledge by speaking directly to these pioneering practitioners. Join us as we talk horseshoes, music, old brains, diagrams and more with @La_Meme_Young to try and chart new relationships between experimental art and popular culture.

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