New Choreographies Within And With All of Us

14:00 – 15:30 18th July 2020 Public Zoom

Guest: Margarita Zafrilla
With: Vicky Yijia Tang
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Nowadays, the world is full of anxiety as we face an invisible virus transmitted between neighbourhoods and communities. Amidst this invisibility, risk, mistrust and disconnection occur; keeping secure, staying at home, comforting ourselves. We are told the enemy is within. The official guidelines to save lives doesn’t help to stop a creeping realm of isolation.

Being limited to the imperative of confined space, since March, a shrinking world has occupied our lives. We are forced suddenly to perform other movement itineraries. In this event, I want to invite people to come together to move with me and to think of new choreographies and regain the liveness that comes from human life interaction. Perhaps these new choreographies are not so much about trying to go back to how we were, but rather, reinventing the articulation of new movements, languages and trajectories. The aim is to take notice of ourselves in movement while bringing into life new creative forces.

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