.A Alumni Reflections

16:00 – 17:30 30th July 2020 RCA Only Zoom

In this unprecedented (and unique) year for Visual Communication graduates, the School of Communication is hosting this unique webinar with some of its highly successful Alumni, which will include;

Mark Bonner (Graphic Design 1993), Michele Jannuzzi (Graphic Design 1992), Chrissy Levett (Graphic Design 1989), Hazel Macmillan (Graphic Design 1993), Morag Myerscough (Graphic Design 1986), Amelia Noble (Graphic Design 1997), Marina Willer (Graphic Design 1997), Tomi Vollauschek (Communication Art & Design 2001)

Initial focus of the discussion will be on how they got started following their graduations (‘.A’ in their professional practice careers), followed by topics such as; significant changes they have witnessed in the communication design industry during their many successful years of practice, what they look for in a prospective employee, and any advice they can offer you as new RCA graduates - now at your .A!

Richard Doust and Lol Sargent will introduce the session, and Alumni Michele Jannuzzi will be our host. The panel discussion will last about 60 mins followed by a 30 min Q&A with the audience.

This special gathering of great designers, is open to the whole School of Communication. However, we strongly encourage Visual Communication 2020 graduates to attend, and gain from the fabulous experience and insight of these extremely talented Alumni - to help you at your .A

VC 2020 graduates and year one VC students; webinar joining details will be emailed to your RCA email address, for others please register here.

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