Splendid Isolation with the Young@Heart Chorus – Community and Embodiment in Times of Social Distancing

15:30 – 17:00 23rd July 2020 Public Zoom

Guests: Bob Cilman / Young@Heart Chorus
With: Julia van IJken
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When people sing together, their heartbeats synchronise. As human beings we evolved to feel safe and thrive in the presence of others – this is ingrained in our nervous systems – but the opposite is also true. Aside from COVID-19, another ongoing epidemic is the loneliness epidemic, impacting people across all ages with its associated health risks. According to research, up to one in four people in the UK and one in 5 people in the US suffers from loneliness, making it one of the biggest threats to public health. So how are people connecting in times of self-isolation and social distancing? Splendid Isolation features a socially-distant performance over Zoom with the Young@Heart chorus, whose members – with an average age of 80 – are working with the restrictions and possibilities of rehearsing and performing virtually.

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