10:00 – 22:00 27th – 30th June 2021 Public BOOKING REQUIRED – Ugly Duck, 49 Tanner Street, London, SE1 3PL

For the neo-nomads amongst us, lobby-room dwellers, coffee-shop inhabitants — creatures of the transient who thrive in flux — the global lockdown created deep inertia. From the strange and transitory now, we are travelling back to when things stopped — “terminus” from Latin.

TERMINAL is not where; it’s when. It unpacks the broader questions when brought on. When everything is unmoving, uncertain and unprecedented, how do we change, create, grow? When in isolation energy is a limited resource, what can we afford to create? When art is deemed non-essential, how can sacrifices and compromises inform new values in the work we take into the post-Covid world — what is essential?

RCA Visual Communication 2021 graduates are pleased to introduce TERMINAL, a concept-led final year show happening at the Ugly Duck from 27- 30 June 2021. Following the life and work of over 50 Visual Communicators, TERMINAL showcases essential works produced during (and in response to) isolation. This show unpacks the student experience of spending 18 months in a terminal-like space, and seeing it as an essential period in critical thinking and making. Visitors are invited to join this speculative space spread across nine exhibition zones: Arrivals, Customs, Vestibule, Bus Stop, Declarations (Preview only), Waiting Room (Library), Round Table,Control Room and Duty-Free.

TERMINAL features live performances, installations, moving image, sonic-work, expanded publishing, whilst also dialogic events such as workshops, experimental seminars and poetry sessions. In addition, Visual Communication’s experimental Export Radio station will be transmitting soundbites from the event online. More exciting information about the show’s events and collaborations to be further announced in the following days.

Visitors are expected to wear a mask in the exhibition space following the government’s health and safety measures. Visitors are advised to take a Lateral Flow Self-Test prior to their visit. Visitors are further advised to bring their own headphones and a mobile phone for activating works through scanning their QR codes.

Follow @terminal_rca on instagram to receive exciting updates and be part of the experience.

Register for this event here.

Venue sponsored by Ugly Duck.

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