Common Market

Céline Strolz

June 26th, 2018

early hours of the morning.
the day before; “grab a stall”.
one merchant next to the other displaying our goods.
“this is not another exhibition!”

a tour of rye lane, news on demand,
or a loaf of bread worth half a month’s rent.
depicting 1950s Napoli,
i am pouring coffee.

lunch break. the place is buzzing.
timide dérive through the alleys
visitors, thinkers, all enter the common market
to leave with nothing but a (lousy) theory object

skirt season, sweat is dripping.

heads talking in my ear,
stripey bazar atmosphere.
am I in Barbès?
I guess that this must be the place

lucky for me, tropical dew enters the gallery.

tempted to spend my paltry earnings
i am lured by the shimmer of a Salon X
a vision a smell, eclectic and cosmic
turned soft on my hands, I retreat!

  1. Postcards from Peckham, Elis Searson
  2. The Pluralist 3, Angelo Stitz. Receipt printed
  3. 1. Community Soup 2. From scratch, Laura Copsey
  4. Lousy t-shirts, Will Bindley
  5. Salon X, Pepper Yu

Common Market is a small producers’ fair celebrating the free movement of ideas by trading conceptual goods and services. Students, staff and alumni of the RCA’s School of Communication have produced an experimental range of physical and digital ‘objects’ that traverse borders between concepts, information and geography — multiples, memes, editions, books, props, downloads, rumours, workshops and much more…

20 April 2018
Courtyard Gallery
Royal College of Art
Kensington Gore

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