Digital Aesthetics 2019/20

Jamie Jenkinson

April 28th, 2020

Below are selected projects from RCA students on the Digital Aesthetics workshop. The works are made in response to six weekly experiments and discussions around the impact of digital technology, user culture and post-digital outlooks. Each work is designed to be viewed online.

Keywords: Internet Explorers, personalised ads, Ghost in the Machine, Hockbot

Excursions, Lottie Brzozowski

The Arrival of Spring, Daniel Johns

(51.5041154, -0.2275780), moving image, 2’19”, Can Yang
Original file:

Stockpot photo, Maya Gulieva

Selfveillance, Yan Li

Ghost Code No.1-7, Digital image (multi size under 144ppi), Chengwei Mao

Mixed Chooses, Jin Gao

Virtual Deconstruction in Digital Space, Anqi Li

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