An experiential dialogue between contemporary art and design – Phase 1 – Design process approach to learning: a discussion

14:00 – 15:30 25th June 2021 Public Zoom

Welcome to this theoretical led online event with Dr Janey Deng Klingelfuss (University of Chester), Chengwei Mao and Can Yang.

The project is using participatory and collaborative design research methodologies enabling creators / educators / participants to contribute their ideas and experiences. Within the context, the 1st phase of the research study will set out an online event which aims to confirm the related theoretical knowledge underpinning the project.

The theoretical led online event will include talks on academic perspectives, followed by the project proposal and collaborative activities. The objectives of the event are: 1) exploring t&l practice through a design thinking approach in social settings. 2) exploring emerging themes and ideas; self-actualisation/ creating creative work through design thinking approach to learning. Collaborative activities will be undertaken to inform a potential pilot study, which will lead to the second phase of the project.

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Dr. Janey Klingelfuss

Dr. Janey Klingelfuss (University of Chester) has been teaching in HE design communication and design innovation domain since 2004. With a background in HE design knowledge transfer, visual communication, and academic research skills provision, Dr. Janey Klingelfuss is an HE professional involved in research, teaching and learning in a cross-national, cross-institutional, interdisciplinary practical environment.

She is passionate about working across cultures particularly interested in exploring issues around cultural influence and academic adaptation. As a research fellow based both in the UK and China, since 2006, she has developed experience in the initiation and development of successful research/bids funding applications, with research interests including design management, knowledge transfer, design policy and the role of higher education in economic growth.

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