Neobridge Part 1: Form-bridging Workshop

10:30 – 11:30 27th June 2021 Public Zoom

Form-Bridging is an on-going experimental process in deepening and defining the Neobridge Model. It aims to address the new forms of art practice through the journey of form-making and deconstruction of text, which take the form-making as a visual tool.

The workshop will be taking place during the RCA satellite event at Ugly Duck. As a collaborative drawing exercise, with participants will be required to bring in their own tool (could be either physical or digital) to create forms based on the observation of each other’s form-making process during the workshop.

This is an experiment to break the primacy and dominancy of both artist and artwork, by seeing the importance of relationship and relative forces as a method to break through the limitations of the self but form a desire to neutralise the position of narrator or speaker into a reflective space.

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