C3 : Command Control Communicate

17:00 – 21:00 7th May 2019 Public Walmer Yard, 235—239 Walmer Rd, London, W11 4EY

Dear School of Communication,

We are conducting an experiment as part of a study to validate our compliance to creation. Everything around us, and within us, exists in a predetermined order. Nothing is new. Even in wonder. As a human you are in an ideal position to give us valuable first hand information from your own perspective.

The experiment takes around 30 minutes and is very informal. We are simply trying to capture your thoughts and perspectives on death. Complacency is a seductive evil which is the result of proximized convenience. There is comfort in routine. Your response will be kept confidential. Each participant will be assigned a number code to help ensure that personal identifiers are not revealed during the analysis and write up of findings.

There is no compensation for participating in this study. However, we learn so we can evolve. Take the driver’s seat and bring into existence what is imperative for the present. Leap across the chasm, so we can evolve again. Your participation will be a valuable addition to our research and findings could lead to greater public understanding to the people in the field.

Design Without

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