The Other Domain

18:00 – 21:00 29th April 2019 Public SAFEHOUSE 1, PECKHAM, 139 Copeland Road, London, SE15 3SN

Marnie Hamilton, Ravista Mehra, Jianwei Jing, Anthony Jennison, Kuo Xu, Linyou Xie, Jamie Maule, Yu Kang, Yuhui Zhou & Ni Sang

Fugitive Voices are pleased to announce, ‘The Other Domain’: A collaborative demonstration of views that examine the transcendence of borders and vocal division within social spheres. The show seeks to discover how we can unearth silenced, uncommon and forensic narratives that refuse to settle for the constitutionalised state of our environment. The work aims to criticise and challenge the convention of territories and the political agency within the public and private domain. A show that integrates a body of multi-cultural perspectives and subjects, interpreted through a variety of mediums, we propose these important questions to help voice the unrepresented and the marginal. Ranging from; video, audio, sculpture, installation and print, we are creating a multi-sensory experience for the viewer to unmask another reality, a fugitive one. These themes also bleed into the psychological and the personal, exploring how experiences can cause sub-conscious beings to intrude upon the self and directly affect the spheres you dwell in.

The 10 artists involved in the project are currently studying at the Royal College of Art, with visual communication being the overarching thread between one another. Nevertheless, the show demonstrates a dichotomy of practices that showcase an invigorating and abstract way of making, with sincere consideration to experiential and spacial awareness.

You are hereby invited to the private view event, that will take place on Monday 29th April from 6pm to 9pm. With music and drinks of course. There is also the public view that’s open on Tuesday 30th April from 10am until 4pm. The nearest station is Peckham Rye which is a 5-minute walk from Safehouse. Information can also be found on our Facebook and Instagram pages. In addition, we have a live phone service for details by calling for free on 07459690129.

Instagram : @FugitiveVoices // Facebook : The Other Domain // No. 07459690129

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