Critic/Curator panel #4 - David Manley / Helen Ralli / Hart Club + Neurodiversity in Albertopolis + Roland Ross

17:00 – 18:30 29th July 2020 RCA Only Zoom

Guests: Hart Club (Helen Ralli + David Manley)

  • Neurodiversity in Albertopolis + Qona Rankin (TBC)
    With: Roland Ross + Visual Communication students + tutors
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Hart Club is an organisation founded in 2018 dedicated to championing neurodiversity in the Arts based from a project space in SE1 that includes a gallery, ceramics studio and print studio. We work with various charities and organisations to spotlight artists who think, communicate and create differently. This includes artists with disabilities, dementia, brain injury, autism and other neurological variations. Hart Club celebrates diversity and inclusion - striving to gain creative and financial recognition for the artists we work with and in doing so building confidence, community and wellbeing.

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