Walkative Society presents INVISIBLE BORDERS

13:00 – 15:00 13th – 15th December 2020 Public https://bit.ly/invisibleborder

Invisible Borders is a new collaboration between students from the Royal College of Art and Nuremberg Academy of Fine Arts which explores, through the practice of walking, the visible and invisible boundaries and borders that determine our physical, social and political movement around shared public space. Next week we will be sharing some of our work with you through a series of experimental walks and events, hosted by the Walkative Society.

All events will happen in this zoom link: https://bit.ly/invisibleborder

Walking in fragments, same time across borders
Date and Time: 13/12  2-3pm +GMT
created by Sofia Nifora, Konstantina Benaki Chatzispasou, Katharina Steinkohl, Samuel Domínguez, Yanran Cao, Helen Hetzel and Georgina Watson.

Walking Lab: Walk-in Progress
Date and Time: 15/12  1-3pm +GMT
Led by Nayonika Ghosh, Anne Hubmann, Docjong Lee, Theresa Hartmann, (Pat) Wing Shan Wong and Daniela Graf.
(*To all participants, please install the ZOOM app on your phone)
After the beep
Date and Time: TBC
Led by Helen Wilson, Snyder Moreno Martín, Simon Balzat, Anna Steward and Monique S. Desto

Poster designed by: Nayonika Ghosh & Konstantina Benaki Chatzispasou (year2 Viscom)
Walkative co-presidents : Alastair Kwan (year2 Sculpture) & Pat Wong Wing Shan (year2 Viscom)
Orgainised by @thewalkativeproject

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