Typographic Singularity Open View

00:00 – 00:00 25th June 2020 Public https://www.typographicsingularity.com

We would like to invite you to a collective experience of Typographic Singularity 2020 called the Open View which will be live tomorrow, Thursday 25th June 2020. Through the Open View, you will be able to engage actively through commenting and viewing the exhibit and participating in new dialogues with the platform along with a live audience. We hope you can explore this opportunity to engage with type enthusiasts all over the world as well as interact and speculate the submissions by our guest collaborators.

Our guest collaborators for this event are: A Practice for Everyday Life, Amelia Noble, Nadine Chahine, Radim Pesko, Rathna Ramanathan, Robert Hetherington, Seb McLauchlan, Tina Touli, Zach Lieberman.

We encourage you to come to our event, to experience collaborations, indulge in curations and begin a new conversation around typography and its potential.

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