Fugitive Voices invite you to enter the Loop

Kelly Macbeth Mackay

May 6th, 2020

Live at l0o0ops.co.uk/index.html

If you stare into the world of your own looping mechanisms, are you in control of your repetitions or do they manage you themselves?

Travel through a maze of projects, designed and curated by Fugitive Voices, which will challenge you to look introspectively at the loops in your own life.

Design by Can Yang

Fugitive Voices is an annual collective at the Royal College of Art concerned with the role of vocality on the relationship between artistic production and social change. Looking into multiple— automated, musical, interpretative, channelling, polyphonic, gendered, and machinic—emissions of the voice, to explore how they might disturb existing narratives of power by activating alternative ones. Questioning how mainstream notions of agency, knowledge, power can be tested as a means of acquiring new understandings about what it is to be ‘other’, or indeed what it is to be human, through the voice.

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