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The meeting host will let you in soon: starting an MA in the zoom-room

Starting a course in the digital realm challenges what it is to get to know a cohort. As I ‘joined’ my first day, and watched the pages of squares flicker up on my screen, I considered my presence amongst my new peers. My physical self now redundant, my background more telling than my backpack. These bizarre inte...

Considerations on the (f)utility of ReliaRocco™

After an intense period lasting no more than three weeks in February, fueled by the WIP network, the web-service ReliaRocco™ stopped its reach. The reason is clear: a service based on creating connections with people, must be promoted in order to facilitate these connections. But then why did I never do any of this promotion? The pr...

A Window Into Isolation #1

In this window-themed collection of poems, we want to highlight all the imaginative and personal writing produced while being confined during this challenging year. These isolation gems may take experimental forms and have textual, as well as visual, components. The poems engage with the notions of space and confinement, and the variety of the featured work i...

Torchlight Tour

Torchlight Tour is a collection of night-time site-specific art works. I invited seven artists and designers to capture night scenes and explore our different working methods and practices, illuminated by our torches. This project began with a postal exchange, to form a haptic connection which defies the distance of its makers. I created an invitation package ...

Inbetween: Countries & Cultures #3 – Home – New Home – Back Home

Inbetween: Countries & Cultures, is a space for candid discussions around transient identities as individuals move to a new country of residence. In this space, the individuals share some anecdotes from their life and experiences as they make our way through a new space, culture and society. In conversation with Siddhi Gupta, a recent graduate from ...

Update from the Digital Space #5

Remember that feeling when your mind just shut off and rebooting itself a bit when looking at something you can’t really make out what it is? Yes, that moment of stillness, achievable without your ‘Headspace’ subscription. This week we bring you a mixed bag of ‘obscurity’ & ‘absurdity.’ Which one is your favourite? Which one resonates with your ...