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Why do we need a chair in the virtual world?

Here is a chair which I brought from 3D Warehouse1. The 3D Warehouse is a fantastic free storage in which everything has been virtualised, but realised simultaneously. It displays simulacrum not mimesis, or the content which professes a three-dimensional basis. Hence, the things within the warehouse are placed in a state of non-gravitation. Wandering objects demolish ...

It's all too late.

6:00 am I open my eyes and instantly bounce out of bed. I grab my phone, walk into the bathroom, turn on the Science Podcast, take a shower, brush my teeth, and finish within 20 minutes. 6:20 am I have 40 minutes to read. I plan to read two books a week, 100 books a year, with 40% economics, 30% psychology, 15% history and 15% ...

Stain Detective Journal #1 | Look What We Did To White City!

28th January 2022 Have you ever noticed what was left on the floor? Have you ever wondered who did this and why? Hi there. Welcome to the Stain Detective Journal #1. I am glad to take you on a journey with me to detect stains in white city. “WTF?” “Who wants to look at stains?” “Is there a need to in...

The Milkmaid

The Milkmaid is a project about the theatricality of the dinner party. Inspired by the Bachelor’s Dinner from The Futurist Cookbook, the Milkmaid is meant to parody the etiquette of the dinner party guest.  It was created during lockdown when we weren’t allowed to invite people over. If you pretend that your food is your ...

When Terminal: What Is Transit After 18 Months Of Standstill?

Walls are not barriers for hope and imagination. — Talha Ahsan, Otherstani I had the endless day, months and months of endless days, and yet my return date bounded this sense of boundlessness, kept it from becoming threatening. — Ben Lerner, Leaving the Atocha Station It feels strange to talk about transit after 18 months of standstill. For the neo-...

Photo Etching

Probably it’s because of the silver grey of the etched areas, that it stands out so loudly. That hydro-coat blue. I never imagined that an artificial blue could be that neon bright outside of the digital-meta-space of the screen. The vivid part of developing the plate is when this mesmerising blue becomes liquid and you’re t...