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The Treachery of Chairs

There are one and three chairs.1 All three may be chairs or not chairs according to the following principles. ① They do not present the concept of sameness, and they are not each other’s substitute or alternative. ② They have been abstracted into discourse or illustration. ③ Each embodies a history of chairs – what we perceive of as chairs: it...

Apoptosis of the Web

Love, true love, is always fatal. What I mean is, it does not aim at happiness, at an idyll, at a hand-in-hand eternity of sentimental walks under flowering lime trees, with a gentle light burning on the veranda behind, the house swimming in cool scents. Life can be that, but not love. Love burns with a ...

How do you live in London? Part 2 | The Workers

“What are you going to do when you graduate?” “Are you going to stay in Britain? Or are you going back to your country?” As the last second-year students at RCA, we have a lot of worries about the future, even though we still have about half a year until we graduate. In the orientation, which lasted a...

Shannan's Diary

28 Sep 2021 21:00 Lunchtime – I asked Li why she hadn’t brushed the pan after using it and why she always makes me uncomfortable with these daily subtle things. She replied that she didn’t use the pan! Was it me that didn’t brush it? I was shocked, and then remembered that I cooked sticky rice in the morni...

The Hours | 23 pieces of passing time

I believe in the power of being small instead of being big. I believe in the power of being quiet instead of making noise. I believe in the power of healing instead of justifying. I believe in the power of the unremarkable and unspeakable, the soft, gentle and ephemeral. From Feb 24th, 2022, I started to knit ...

How do you live in London? Part 1 | The Students

What is it like living as a Korean woman studying art/design abroad? At the age of 30, some people get a job, get married, and have a child, but I started studying abroad. It doesn’t mean that I didn’t worry about these things. Can I leave Korea, where I have all my foundations? Isn’t it a...